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Al-Ahram Weekly

  1. The pilgrim's progress

Lecture Series

  1. "Disagreeing on Everything" a new lecture series featuring Anisa Mehdi and Michael Lame discussing and debating the Middle East.  Information and booking

Website designed to quell fears and inform against prejudice: Change The Story dot Net.


Distinguished presenters on Islam at One Nation For All:


French magazine: Femme du Monde Hiver:

  1. Le saviez-vous? ( PDF format)

Jazz88 FM



  1. Anisa Mehdi’s commentary on monks and Muslims of Algeria airs on NPR’s “All Things Considered” on July 19.  Learn More.  This is one of the top 25 emailed stories for NPR on July 20.
  2. NPR: Insurgent Violence vs. Terrorism in Iraq 10-25-05, "All Things Considered."
  3. '"Two Iraqi Cultures, Meeting at a U.S. Wedding" 05-06-05, "All Things Considered."
  4. Islamic Law and the Iraqi Constitution 02-17-05, All Things Considered
  5. Anisa Mehdi's commentary : An American Woman's View of the Hajj, All Things Considered, NPR
  6. World: Rethinking the Word 'Jihad' 01-07-05, All Things Considered
  7. HEADING TO MECCA 03-29-99, All Things Considered
  8. RAMADAN FASTING 01-18-99, All Things Considered
  9. IRAQI-AMERICAN VIEW 12-17-98, All Things Considered
  10. "NPR : Declining to Vote as an Iraqi in the U.S." 02-01-05, All Things Considered
  11. "NPR : Stoning the Devil: Ritual Turned Tragedy." 01-12-06, All Things Considered
  12. Ramadan and Yom Kippur meet again this year.  Listen to Anisa’s 2006 commentary on NPR


Text of Perspective Pieces

  1. Read Anisa's perspective from the Star Ledger: 1,300 years later, Iraq can't stop bleeding
  2. In the Star Ledger on Monday, July 11, 2005: “Terror is the worst sacrilege against the Qur’an,” by Anisa Mehdi.  Here Anisa speaks out against the London bombing and other violence in “the name of Islam.”  Read More

BeliefNet Articles:

  1. Dueling Endorsements: A Muslim Bloc or Split? By Anisa Mehdi.
  2. Does Peace Still Have a Chance? By Anisa Mehdi.
  3. A Name, a Face, a Father By Anisa Mehdi.

Gazette Online

  1. Journalist: Educate yourself on Islam By Keith E. Gottschalk

  1. The Road To Peace Is Through Ending US Military Aid
  2. Iran's Emerging Democracy
  3. The beggar boys of Senegal
  4. The Evils of Vengeance
  5. Smoke and Mirrors: Palestine, the Forgotten Kosova
  6. American Muslims Coming of Age

Living Islam:


Muslim Wakeup! Inside Mecca , A Conversation with Producer Anisa Mehdi:


The Star-Ledger

  1. History is on Muslim Women’s Side, March 25, 2005
  2. Let's rescue a once-beautiful word from its captors

San Jose Mercury News Article

In Iran, Reform Blooms But West Should Not Expect U.S.-Style Democracy

Revista Arabe

  1. La tolerancia como credo
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