Whetstone Productions

"Sharpen Your View"

Anisa Mehdi, founder and president of Whetstone Productions, is in-demand at academic, diplomatic and interfaith events, as speaker and moderator. She's also teaching a hot new curriculum: "A Short Course on Islam and Muslims" that can be tailored to your college or corporation to advance understanding and productivity.

  • We aim to help clarify the times in which we live.
  • With Whetstone Productions, it's personal. We make films about human connection and we make them as connected human beings. We'll “midwife” your project from conception to birth -- napkin scribble to opening night -- with a range of documentary film teams and cost options.
  • We train young journalists and aspiring filmmakers with a special interest in religion reporting and sharing the arts with the world.
  • We provide consulting services to clients across the United States and around the world that seek to build understanding and business with Arabic-speaking and Muslim-majority populations.

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Since 1988 we've made films ranging from restoring mosaics, to life for persons with disabilities, to making music in Maine. See our work on Whetstone Productions' YouTube Channel.

Filming “American Ramadan” in Manhattan, New York, 2007

See more of our work on Whetstone Productions’ YouTube Channel. Watch Now on YouTube.


Although the medium of storytelling changes over time, the principles remain the same.

  • We conduct intensive three-day training courses in journalism and filmmaking for high school level and undergraduate students.
  • Our courses ignite a passion for storytelling and emphasize accuracy and accountability among young professionals.
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Questions about interfaith connections, business development in Muslim-majority countries, or communication and media outreach in Arabic-speaking lands? Contact us.