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Nightline Up Close: Jack Shaheen
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Some may see Jack Shaheen as a "Don Quixote." Trying to change the image of Arabs and Muslims in the American media may be as reasonable as fighting windmills. But Dr. Shaheen has written three books on the subject and is considered an authority on Hollywood stereotyping. His latest book, REEL BAD ARABS: HOW HOLLYWOOD VILLIFIES A PEOPLE, was published before September 11, 2001. In REEL BAD ARABS Shaheen reviews nearly 1,000 films and rates them on how they portray Arabs and Muslims. The book may be ordered at

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ABC News Nightline's "UP CLOSE" broadcast an in-depth interview with Jack Shaheen on October 10, 2002. Jon Donvan, correspondent. Anisa Mehdi, producer.

Dr. Shaheen taught Mass Communications for 24 years at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. The son of immigrants from Lebanon he may technically be an Arab-American. But as fart as Shaheen's concerned, he's cut from the same cloth as everyone else.



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